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Password cracking wordlists reprise


Wordlists for Password Cracking

These wordlists are some of my favorite to use for password cracking. Generally the larger the wordlist the longer it will take to crack a password, but the higher probabilty it will be in the list. These lists are line-by-line, suitable for use with John the Ripper or OCLHashcat to name a few.

If you need help cracking hashes, you can read my walkthrough of John the Ripper.

super_wpa.lst.gz - WPA wifi wordlist.
adjective_noun_3_digits_router.lst.gz - Some routers have this naming scheme.
rockyou.lst.gz - Good medium size all around wordlist.
john.lst.gz - Shorter password list bundled with John The Ripper.
bt4-password.lst.gz - Snother medium short wordlist of common passwords.
darkweb-top100000.lst.gz - Passes in order from most used.

The Lists

All lists are gzipped to save bandwidth. Total passwords included in each file is noted to the side, and was generated with:

zcat passfile.gz | wc -l

Total all lists: 2779697215 unique passwords

adjective_noun_3_digits_router.lst.gz: 1802841920 lines 4.1G

bt4-password.lst.gz: 1652903 lines 5.2M

rockyou.lst.gz: 14344391 lines 51M

super-wpa.lst.gz: 982963903 lines 4.3G

john_password.lst.gz: 3559 lines 14K

darkweb2017-top10000.lst.gz: 9999 lines 40K

I have also compiled this into a torrent for those who want them all.

Update Jun 19 2022: Sorry folks, I had to remove one of the larger wordlists because of bandwidth and disk usage limitations.

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